The Importance of a Service You Can Trust

Trust and confidence are both important factors when visiting your family doctor and the teams and services who work with them.

Confidence is just as important to practitioners to ensure that help and advice is taken onboard, positive outcomes are achieved, and the very best levels of healthcare are delivered.

For around nine out of ten of us that trust and confidence exists but what can we do to preserve it and build on it?


The simple act of talking?

A visit to a GP or family doctor takes us all out of our comfort zone- they are nearly always places we would rather not be. Because of this many of us simply sit and listen, nod and then leave, often with questions unanswered or concerns not dealt with.

We might want to get out at the earliest opportunity, yet arriving home and remembering an important question we never asked can be frustrating…

Don’t be afraid to prepare for your appointment by writing down the important questions you think of. Many people do it and your GP will be very accustomed to it. Taking the time to listen carefully, talk through your concerns and provide the information you need is an important part of being a medical professional.


Going alone or bringing a friend

Research shows that when visiting your GP, particularly when dealing with something important such as results or diagnoses, it can be difficult to remember everything you have talked through. That can make life incredibly frustrating when you are home, reflecting and making decisions to move forward.

Taking a friend or family member can help a lot; you will have the reassurance of someone who is there for you. They might also remember things that you may not and be able to offer a different perspective.


Choosing the right GP for you

We are all unique and look for many different things when we choose a surgery or GP. For some of us that means a specific location or the right facilities and access. Other factors might involve new services or past problems.

However the things that nearly all of us have in common when choosing a GP practice are performance and reputation.

The NHS website has resources dedicated to providing all the information you need about practices in your area. By entering your town, city or postcode you can see all the services in a specific location. You can also see detailed information on their exact locations, the clinics and services they offer and the thoughts and opinions of people who have used their services.

We all need to feel trust and confidence when visiting our GP. From making our appointments, to the visit itself and the advice and treatment we receive as a result. Dealing with people who we know have our best interests at heart is vital.