Day in the life of… an out of hours GP


Here at East Berkshire Primary Care we take of not only our patient’s but our doctors and nurses as well. We believe a happy workforce equals happy patient’s and by supporting our staff we can deliver the best possible care.


Our OOHs staff work both flexible and regular shifts working around previous commitments, whether that be family life or their work at their own GP practice.


Out of hours work comes with many benefits; change of pace, more interesting cases, reduced commute time, and the flexibility of irregular work times.


Working out of hours often means seeing patients with more urgent needs, rather than those with chronic or ongoing conditions. In most cases, you will diagnose a patient and then refer them on for further treatment. Not only will this reduce your day-to-day workload, but you’ll also improve your triage skills.


Although you will need to be incredibly sharp and organised as an out of hours GP, the work requires a different set of skills. Not only will you be working with unfamiliar patients on more of a short-term basis, but you’ll also often be doing so with no access to their medical records or previous history.


Out of hours work is both satisfying and challenging, but it doesn’t bring the burgeoning workload of a daytime GP.


If working out of hours appeals to you, browse our current vacancies or register your interest by sending your CV to: